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  • KIt Mann is now cutting exclusively at

    studio hair in Bend.

    Classic Styling for the Modern Professional Man

  • Cutthroat buffalo beard butter and beard oil

    All of our beard products are not too hard, not to soft. They spread perfectly throughout your beard making is soft and extremely comfortable throughout the day, without being oily or greasy. They are 100% natural with absolutely NO BAD SH!*

    All products are also made with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil for the health of your beard and the skin beneath!

    Click on each product to see what kind of scent experience you can expect.


    Out of Stock
    Distressed Gray Adjustable Cap
    All Black Trucker Cap
    Obsidian Spice Beard Butter 4 0z
    Multnomah Mud Beard Butter 4 oz
    Santiam Mist Beard Butter 4 oz

  • What We're about

    All Natural. No bad Sh!*


    All Natural. Every time.

    After trying nearly every beard balm on the market, we would always flip the container over to check out the ingredients and what we found was that in 85% of the products (YES, we actually did the math!) there was something in there that we couldn't pronounce or that we KNEW for a fact was a harsh chemical that should NOT be on our face. So we decided then and there to make sure that we formulated our products with natural components ONLY. We use organic shea butter, locally sourced beeswax, and only the best oils. We also include vitamin e in every product we sell for the health and vitality of your beard and the skin underneath.

    Cost and Customer Service

    Count on it!

    At Cutthroat Buffalo, we also don't believe in pricing our products out of the stratosphere, just because they are high quality. We make everything by hand, with no giant corporation involved. We are a family owned and run business and we want to keep it that way!

    So we will always keep our prices low and provide elite customer service. You don't like something? Send it back and we'll make it right. You want to suggest a scent? We are ALWAYS looking for ideas and feedback!

    Elite Barbering

    Cutthroat Buffalo is not just products. Coming in early 2020, our General Manager and Co-Founder, Kit Mann will be taking appointments locally in Central Oregon. We have plans to open the Cutthroat Buffalo Beard and Barbershop and will also have "come to you" services for business, where Kit and his Cutting Crew will come to your place of business to get you and your staff looking good, without the need for them to leave for two hours at a time in the middle of the day to get a dang haircut and a shave!

    Right now, Kit is cutting hair exclusively at STUDIO HAIR in Bend.


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